Product return workflow improvements and effects on inventory and excise tax

The current solution of having to find an invoice to return goods from when issuing a credit note that is related to beer being returned to the brewery (which brings along a reverse of excise tax) is cumbersome. If you are new to Breww and there is no invoice to return goods from (because the beer was sold prior to using Breww), there is no good solution to “back out” that excise tax and increase the inventory. Even if you are returning goods and there is an invoice you can find, it takes alot of work to reach the final goal of issuing credit, incrementing inventory and adjusting excise tax owed. The interface should make this much easier than how it operates today. Maybe provide you with sales invoices previously issued for that product and customer without having to hunt for one and in a situation where it cannot find one, it should still allow you to return the goods to inventory and reverse the excise tax. Because in the end, I don’t really care that the returned goods match up to a sales invoice, I just care that my inventory is correct and that my excise taxes are correct.

Hi Chris - as you’ve mentioned, there currently isn’t a way to “back out” US excise tax if the beer wasn’t sold through Breww. We can definitely look at this, as it would make getting started with US excise tax reporting in Breww easier! The only way to do this currently is with a stock adjustment, which will be entered into the “11. Physical inventory disclosed an overage” line of your Brewer’s Report of Operations in Breww - so you would need to look at the breakdown and move that figure into the correct section at the moment.

In terms of the “Return flow”, this is something we are very keen to improve, precisely for the reasons you’ve mentioned! Essentially, we’re keen to add a flow where you are able to simply identify what was returned from which customer and then choose whether you are refunding the amount paid, adding a credit note, or doing nothing financially at all. Breww would then automatically complete those steps for you and return the item to stock. It would mean you no longer have to find the relevant order yourself, and you would be able to deal with the financial side simultaneously with the inventory.

There is also a related feature request for further improvements on top of the ones I’ve described that may be worth checking out and voting for if they are of interest: