Product availability report / BrewwQL expansion

I’m looking to produce a report that would show our available product list with the ability to filter by best before dates in order to generate a list for export customers.

Currently the product reports and Product Availability report don’t include breakdowns by gyle and best before dates. Export the Product availability report aggregates all batches to a single line. Would it be possible to add best before as a BrewwQL variable?



I’m going to merge a number of related threads into this one to keep track of improvements to this report in one place and ensure the votes get combined and it moves up the queue.

We’re also very close on a customer-facing price list generation tool, which in many ways overlaps with this, but we’ll keep them separate. This report is for internal use, the price list tool will generate an on-screen version, plus an Excel version and PDF version (with your own branding), and will primarily be aimed at sharing the information with your customers.

it would be really useful to be able to choose which products show/don’t show on the stock availability report. Ours is fairly cluttered with products that we dont really want to obsolete, as they will be back at some point, but that we dont really need to see all the time.

Also - if we could show multipack volumes rather than small pack that would be really useful.

With the new stock management process whereby you can have delayed release (which is brilliant by the way) it would be helpful if on the products available report there was another column that showed the number of a product that was on delayed release. Just makes it easier for planning/sales, etc

The available products feature still can use an upgrade.

  • Small Pack / Keg selection rather than product specific (we currently use 3 types of 20L keg so I would like an overview of all keg types)

This can be added to a couple of requests elsewhere:

  • Ex Duty pricing (also related to pricebooks)
  • Filtering on tags
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Found this thread as opposed to making a new topic so similar

any report that would be able to show Product, qty and expiry dates would meet what I am looking for, just a similar report as requested so that we can identify aged stock we have on hand

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Hi Liam - we’ve recently launched a Products expiring soon report :tada:

We’re looking to make the Products available report more filterable too, but I hope this helps in the meantime!