Processing deliveries that weren't marked as complete

Hello! Is there a way to correctly process deliveries that were completed on the correct day, but not processed in Breww? We want to avoid Breww overwriting the due date when it syncs to QuickBooks because it doesn’t send the due date update.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for raising this on the community! If the orders are not yet dispatched, you will unfortunately not be able to change the actual dispatch date as this is always when it is marked as dispatched on the system, but you can keep control of your payment due dates and invoice dates. Our guide on Invoice issuing settings, should cover the automatic invoice date settings you need to toggle, I would suggest temporarily unchecking both automatic invoice date settings whilst handling these deliveries and then turning them back on after, but if you have any problems or need any additional assistance, feel free to open a support ticket and we can take a look for you.