Pricebooks in credit notes


taking into account pricebook discounts in credit notes for clients would be a very useful addition - now you have to manually calculate the discounted price of a product



Thanks Gijs,

The customer’s price book will already be used, but on the assumption of a quantity of 1. Would you be looking for this to be improved to use the quantity too? For example, if you had a price book with discounts:

Quantity Price
1 £/€ 10.00
2-9 £/€ 9.00
10+ £/€ 8.00

If you add a quantity of 2 to the credit note, currently Breww would price these at £/€ 10.00 each, but would you like these to be at £/€ 9.00 each?

And then, what if your customer had purchased 11 originally and therefore got them for £/€ 8.00 each? Would you want Breww to:

  • Ignore this and credit them back at £/€ 9.00 each
  • Credit them back at £/€ 8.00 each (as this is what they paid)
  • Credit them back at £/€ 3.50 each as they paid £/€ 88.00 for 11, but if they’d bought 9 originally, they would have paid £/€ 81.00 (£/€ 7.00 difference, and so £/€ 3.50 each)

The first option is by far the easiest, not to mention that the other two would need Breww to have an understanding that this credit note was “off the back of” a specific invoice, which isn’t currently the case. To Breww, there are invoices and there are credit notes and other than a credit note being used to “pay” for some of an invoice, there is no other link between them.

Thanks for the feedback :+1:

Hi Matt, thanks for the extensive response although I am not sure what you are on about here.

I only use pricebooks for discount % (not related to amounts of the product ) and these do not show up on credit notes - I have to manually calculate or cross-reference the original invoice.

Ah ok, in the case of simple % discounts this wouldn’t apply. If you don’t use the other types of discount, don’t worry for now :smile:


I’ve brought this up before. Currently it relies on you remembering to manually discount the product and therefore it is potentially rife for crediting the customer too much. This definitely gets my vote!

Cheers, Gemma.

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