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I’ve tried to export a customers price list as a PDF but it just saves as a “file” in type as opposed to PDF. All other PDFs I download don’t have this issue and when I’ve tried opening it in Adobe it tells me the file isn’t a supported file type so unsure what else I can do on my end.


When you save the file, does it save with .pdf at the end of the file name? They should be defaulting to be named like price_list_2023-01-06.pdf (where the date might change).

If you add .pdf manually to the end of the file name (assuming it doesn’t already have it), does this allow you to open it?

When I do put the .PDF manually it turns it into a PDF file but the same error message comes up. THe automatic one doesn’t have any mention of PDF and when I click the drop down to save as a specific file type nothing other than “All Files” is available

This is a sporadic issue for us on Chrome browser. Is working just now though.

Thanks Ben and Lewis. We’ve not been able to replicate this issue. Could you please send us a copy of the file that you get from Breww that doesn’t open properly? If you don’t want to share it publically, you can open a support ticket to send us the file. Hopefully, this will help us to shed some light on the issue. Thanks.

Hopefully I’ve done it right!

Thanks, Ben.

That looks like a report from the Aggregate Report Builder (I think), rather than a price list?

We’ve had a look at this and it would be possible for the filename to include a dot in it and we wonder if this has confused Chrome/Windows a bit (even though dots in file names is perfectly valid). At Breww, we use Macs and can’t reproduce this as a problem, but we’ve released a small change now to remove any dots from the name, so that there should only be one (the one part of the .xlsx suffix).

Can you let us know if you’re still having the problem? Hopefully, this has resolved it. If you do have the problem again, a copy of the actual PDF file produced may also be useful (either attached here or in a ticket). Thank you.

It’s the price list that is produced when I press export as PDF on the customers price list, I’m not going through the Report Builder at all.

There’s still the same issue, I’ll open a support ticket.

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Ah ok, thanks Ben.

The screenshot above certainly looks like it’s a custom report, as the file name in it isn’t the name that Breww would be giving to a price list PDF and does exactly match the format of the file name that would be generated from a custom report.

We’ll make sure we can get this sorted for you in a support ticket, as then we can have access to your account and follow the exact steps that you do. Thank you and apologies for the confusion here.

Please see PDF downloads with Chrome - network error or un-openable download for the solution!