Price books - set prices per product type / ABV (rules to set a fixed price instead of a discount)

We have a lot of beers we produce and guest beers.

We have a lot of customers where we operate a pevel of fixed pricing, either:

X per cask
Y per keg


X per cask up to 5.1% + £1 per 0.1%
Y per keg up to 5.1% + £1 per 0.1%

Or a straight price per ABV model (eg stonegate, and spoons do something similar):
3.7% cask X
3.8% cask Y
3.9% cask Z


The stonegate model in particular i’d expect to be a pretty widely needed - and if this was done, we could actually use it to handle the other two cases.

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Could you do something like this with price book rules and product tags (for the abv bands)?
Disclaimer: I haven’t tried.

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Thanks for the request Craig and the suggested solution, Jon. Jon’s suggestion with tags would do the trick :+1:

I’m sure it would also be possible to allow another type of filter in the rules of an ABV range for the rule to apply to, so we’ll keep this request open for the implementation of that.

If anyone else would like to see this, please give this a vote with the button in the top-left :ballot_box:

Hi, i’ve just tried to take a look at this.

I can see that you can do a % or flat discount, based on tags, but I’m looking to fix the price.

I.e. everything 4.5% and under, £75.

I can’t do it via a flat or % discount, as the affected beers have different pricing.

Ah, I see, so you need to be able to create a rule that sets an exact price, rather than applying a discount to a parent price?

Correct. Tagging the products and setting price by tag would be an acceptable way to do it, although ABV would be easier for us!

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