Pre brew stock check needs to check alphas when looking at ingredients

We didn’t realise that the pre brew stock check didn’t do this already - we assumed it did and that caused us a significant issue last week.

Currently the system only checks the weight required of hops when doing a pre-brew stock check but especially for some bittering hops this is very inaccurate. This meant we were short last week. This year is particularly bad as some bittering hops alphas are way below normal. The example I gave in the ticket I raised was this:

A recipe is set at 1.5kg of fuggles at 6%

In stock we have 1.8kg of fuggles at 3%

The prebrew stock check say yes you have enough (i.e 1.8kg is more than 1.5kg) and this is incorrect when the alphas are taken into account.

Can this be resolved please as soon as possible.

I realise this will raise the issue of how much do you order but I would suggest you base the forward order quantity on the last batch received and if there isn’t one then flag this during the PO process and ask whether you want it to base it on the recipe alpha. This makes sense to me as if its a new recipe using a hop you don’t normally use therefore you won’t have a previous batch it is likely you will have talked to the hop merchant to find out what the alphas are while you are developing the recipe so it should be accurate.


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Thanks, John. We agree that this would be a great addition.

In the meantime, we’re adding a warning to the pre-brew stock check to advise that these quantities haven’t been scaled. The warning will also link to this feature request to help it gather votes :+1:


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