Possiblilty to choose from different Gyles of one beer for an order

Hi. We brew every year a small amount of special beers for aging and put the production year on the bottle. We started last year (2022) and have just bottled the second batch of one of these beers (2023). It would be nice, to have the opportunity to choose which Gyle/year you want to put on an order for the customer, since the (2022) version would be more expensive than the one from (2023). But mostly to keep track how many beers from each year are left.


Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin.

To keep track of these separately (for stock level and delivery allocation purposes), you’d need to have separate products & beers for your 2022 and 2023 versions. You could use a “Derived beer” for this so that they can be brewed as a single beer and then kept separate only after packaging. Please see our Alias, derived & guest beers guide for more info.

I think this should cover what you’re looking for without any new features needing to be built, but please do let me know if you don’t think this does what you need, and we can explore the best options with you.

Thank you.

I think that would work perfect for us.


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