PO References - visible on sales dashboard and filtering in reports

It would be useful to have a column showing the PO Reference on the Sales Dashboard and to be able to filter it using the search box on the right. I know you can search for it via the main search at the top of the page, but we don’t always know exactly what it is that we’re looking for.

If lack of space due to the number of columns is the reason for not including this, the “Source” column could be dropped in my opinion. This column serves no real function as it is mainly empty or just says “Integration” - rather than specifying which integration was used, which may be useful.

I find myself using the Reports > Data explorer > Sales (orders/invoices) for this, but it’s not very convenient. I could be mistaken , but one thing I’ve noticed about this report is that whilst you can add the “PO number” column, you can’t then use Brew QL to filter on this column. This would be useful for example, if I just wanted to see all the orders that contain “Sellar” in the PO.


Thanks for the great suggestion, Bruce. We agree with you completely, so we have updated this column now :+1:

Excellent. Thank you!

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