Planned racking stock check

I can’t find out how to check for stock availability (bottles, beerlabels, kegs, kegcolars, kegcaps) for planned rackings. Am I overlooking something?

Of course I know I can go into the batch, see the planned rackings, but still that doesn’t give me insight in all the stockitems used.

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi Hans Anton, thanks for your comment. You will be able to check your stock availability based on your planned packagings by heading to Stock items → Tools & options → Pre-brew stock check. You can then uncheck the checkboxes so that only Would you like to include stock items due to be used by your incomplete planned packagings? is selected (please see screenshot). You can then select the date you would like to check up until, and then select Check stock. This will only be effective if your stock items are correctly assigned to your products and/or container types. Our Assigning stock items to Products or Container types help article discusses how to do this in more detail. Cheers!