Planned packaging inventory tracking

For planned packaging it would be great to be able to assign stock of cans and non returnable kegs so that we can track our packaging inventory in the same way that we can track raw materials.

Hi Sam, sorry for replying to an old thread. I only just saw your post & agree this would be helpful.
It got me thinking about this from another angle - as we assign inventory items to containers for cans/kegs, would it be possible to have a packaging pre-stock check report/list drawing the data from planned packaging?
Also a stock level forecast tab on the inventory item (pulling data from planned packaging), much like the product stock forecasting? E.g. I could look at 440ml cans and see that its likely stock will be low in 37 days.etc… (actually could this just be incorporated generally to all inventory items (e.g. grain)?)

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We love this idea and I think Steve’s suggested implementation is a great suggestion. It’s also great to see so many votes on this, keep them coming and we’ll make sure this gets implemented for you all :grinning:

If anyone else has any comments on this or related ideas, please do post them here.

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Hi Steve, Totally agree, I think this would be a really helpful way to forecast inventory, stop you getting caught short especially when lead times for packaging materials can be so unpredictable!


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