Pest baiting stations checks

Our council requires pest control bait stations checks to be tracked within the brewery on a weekly basis
It would be amazing if the whole brewery could be a single piece equipment so we can make a record on bite stations as well as the whole brewery cleaning like walls etc … at the moment we tried to create these bound to the main brewing system we got but it’s slightly cumbersome. Might be doing something wrong though …

I’d suggest you create a new separate piece of equipment for, say, ‘General brewery’. It will add extra complication to try and tie this to your brewing system, so I think keep it as its own piece of equipment. You can do this from ProductionViewEquipment. Then, in the cleaning and maintenance section, you can set up processes to check your baiting stations or clean the walls. These tasks can then be triggered manually from the piece of equipment’s page, or you can set schedules for the tasks, so you’re automatically reminded.
Would this work for you? Let me know so I can either close this request or we can discuss this further.

Hi Matt, thanks for the prompt answer … I know it’s tiny and probably my OCD speaking but could we maybe have a relevant type of equipment there? Like a building or similar, at the moment it feels strange when I have “Brewery cleaning” schedule set on “Pipework” :frowning:

No worries! There’s an ‘Other equipment’ type you could use. Would that be okay?

Where can I find the “Other equipment”?

You should be able to scroll down that list, or search for other?

OMG … thank you :smiley: … although, it should be more clear the field contains more items :slight_smile:

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