PDF downloads with Chrome - network error or un-openable download

Does anyone else have issues downloading PDFs of customer price lists when using Chrome?

All seems to be working on our end. What is the issue exactly?

Hi Matt

From what I have noticed it is only the Customer Price list section. Export to PDF works but downloading PDF doesn’t. Chrome calls the download file “download” but doesn’t give it a type. Click download and we get “Failed - Network error”

This sounds like it’s a Chrome issue. Would you mind trying a few of the things in the following article:
If you’re still not able to get things working with any of the above methods, let me know.

I would say it is a Chrome issue as works fine on Safari (and this is our workaround for now). I just wondered if it was a wider issue as it happens on all of our Chrome browser versions, from old machines to new ones. Windows and Mac.

I think we’ve finally resolved this issue!

It seems to be after viewing the PDF in your browser, you click the save button on the page, or right-click and select ‘Save as’. In Chrome’s infinite wisdom, it saves the page HTML, rather than the PDF. This then isn’t openable on your computer the way you’d expect, or sometimes fails to download altogether and shows ‘network error’.
There are two potential solutions to this:

  1. Convert it back to a PDF to save. When you’re viewing the PDF in your browser, don’t use the normal save functions, but click the print button and change the ‘Destination’ to ‘Save to PDF’, then click Save.

  2. Change how Chrome handles PDFs (this will change it everywhere, so maybe not what you want in other scenarios in Breww and other websites, but you can always change it back if not). In Chrome, click the three dots in the top right > Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > Additional content settings > PDF documents, then select it to download PDFs instead of to open them. If you use a different browser and are having these issues, a quick google search should show you where these settings are.

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@lewis-hill Please let me know if this fixes it for you!

I have noticed that PDF function works normally for delivery notes, but everything else seems to need the workaround. In case this is enlightening!

Does the “workaround” always work for you? If so, the problem is Chrome, not Breww, I’m afraid. And therefore, something that’s impossible for us to resolve. I personally use Firefox instead of Chrome and Firefox doesn’t have this problem.