Payment terms settings

Payment terms can be set per customer and/or per customer group. If neither of these is set, Breww will take the brewery default in SettingsOrder/invoice settings. You can edit the customer or customer group to set the payment terms.

Breww prioritises settings in this order:

  • If explicitly set on the customer, this setting will always be used.
  • If the customer is part of a group, the group’s setting will be used unless overridden by the specific customer.
  • If neither of those is set, the brewery default will be used.
graph TD
    C[Are payment terms set on the Customer?]
    C --> |Yes|CY[Use Customer's payment terms]
    C --> |No|CG[Are payment terms set on the Customer Group, if it has one?]
    CG --> |Yes|CGY[Use Customer Group's payment terms]
    CG --> |No|B[Use the default setting for your Breww account]