Overdue Debtors Report

We have started using the feature where if a customer is over there credit limit or have invoices overdue they are unable to have an order dispatched.
It would be great and very useful to us if there was a report specific to this data that we could run off for our sales team, so they can see who may need contacting for payment prior to having another order.
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Better overdue Debtor management/reporting is also high on my wishlist - clear overviews how long invoices are unpaid, which actions have been/should be taken, sending bulk actions/bulk reminders etc. etc.

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In the sales view, we’ve added a filtered view ‘overdue payments’.
copy and paste this in the filer box:
due_date <= “1 day ago” and payment_status = “Unpaid” or payment_status = “Part paid”
click save as new filter


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Great news everyone, this report is now live and ready for use.

Find it at CustomersSettings & toolsAged/overdue debtors.

Hi Luke!
That is a real big help, thank you very much.

Is there anyway you could set it so we can either to select the sort by name, or export to CSV/Excel?

Much appreciated,


That’s great to hear, Kieran!

We’ll see if we can add sorting and get back to you. Thanks.