Out of date ingredients

I don’t know if I’ve missed this, but is there a setting to stop me adding expired ingredients to a brew? For instance, I have a part bag of old hops (in the freezer, since you ask) which are past their expiry, and some new stuff (in the cold room). Typically, I won’t be wanting to use the aged stuff, but since breww presents the batches with the oldest at the top in the pull-down (I think?), it’s easy to select the wrong batch.

Hi Jon, thanks for your comment! Breww will always display all the batches of a stock item, even if they are past their expiry. If you no longer want to use the stock that has passed its best-before, this can be removed from stock; however, if you want to keep this, it will still be displayed. We technically don’t have a defined order in the drop-down when selecting a batch; however, typically, this will show the oldest first, but this is not guaranteed. We feel that this should show with the oldest batch first every time, so we will make a small change to display this consistently. Apologies, as this will still show the oldest batch at the top and won’t fix your situation, but perhaps an alternative could be to highlight the expired batch more clearly to avoid it being selected or a setting along the lines of ‘prevent the allocation of expired stock items’. If you think this would be a helpful addition, it would be great if you could raise this as a feature request. Cheers!

Thanks for responding. And clarifying. Will do a FR.

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