Option to not automatically apply a beer tag to mixed pack products

First off I apologise for so many questions. December is my Breww clean up and update time!

I’m looking to add tags on products however when I do so on some they automatically apply tags that I can’t then remove? We make mixed cases on our site and the tag isn’t relevant. I’ve tried looking in settings to stop the option and browsed questions posed on it here but unable to find a solution?

No problem at all!
If there’s a tag on the beer itself, it will automatically be applied to all its products - so you might want to check that. If it’s not that, let me know.

Sorry I’ve not explained myself properly. Online we do mixed cases so will have a selection of core and limited edition beers in one case. I’d like to have the tag as just “Website” but it automatically tags “Core” too which isn’t appropriate for this product.

We always have cases like this on so it would be good to be able to remove the “Core” tag if we need to, I understand the advantage to it being automatically applied but if we could have the ability to take it off the product if needs be that would be helpful especially as I’m looking to utilise tags for reports, lists etc.

Hope that makes more sense?

Ah, my apologies; I understand what you mean now.
It’s not currently possible to remove tags added automatically from the beer, but you could create a feature request for this. Or would it be better (and seems easier and quicker for us to implement) to simply have the option not to apply beer tags to mixed-pack products only?

As long as we could apply them if we wanted to yes that would be a solution and if easier for you that’s a bonus.

Great. From a first look, it seems like this would be a better solution. I’ve moved this post over to the feature requests section so we can track the request :slight_smile:

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