Option to make allergens a required field on products and/or beers (or derive from stock items used on the recipe)

Please could you add so that when making a new product either the allergens are on a drop down menu, or that it wont let you make the new product without allergens being entered (Most beers contain at least gluten)

We’ve had instances of allergens not being added to product and then having to re label kegs etc


Thanks for the suggestion, Max, I’m sure this could be added as an option.

Just in case you didn’t already know, you can set the allergens on the beer too, and then if they’re left blank on the product, Breww will use those set on the beer. This might make it easier as you don’t need to set them in as many places.

If anyone else would like to see this option, please give this a vote with the button in the top-left :+1:

Luke, we’ve had similar issues before too.
We always use the Beer Allergens, however this field is not mandatory and has been missed previously.
A quick tick drop down though would save a lot of data re-entry.
Maybe a customisable allergens list (in production settings?) could form the drop down? Would give options for the 14 allergens, plus still the flexibility for precautionary statements.etc, but also helps keep uniformity across products (spelling, exact wording.etc).
I don’t have any votes left to vote for this :laughing:

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Hi Guys, a vote from us for this too. We’ve also experienced missing allergens from labels due to it not being a required field. If they could be pulled automatically from a beer’s recipe this would be ideal but a mandatory setting/tick list instead would suffice. Cheers.

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Absolutely right. Makes sense to require allergens at recipe

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We are doing some housekeeping on the allergens associated with beers and notice some omissions and inconsistencies. It would make much more sense to me that they are listed at recipe rather than beer level as a beer may remain the same but tweaks to the recipe would affect those listed.

An even better improvement would be to state them at ingredient level (by a tick box). That way the 14 allergens and gluten containing cereals could be flagged and whenever they are added in a recipe they flow through to the products and their respective packaging labels.


Thanks Hazel, I agree that setting them at the stock item level is perfect :ok_hand: