New York State SLA Invoice Due Date Options

If you are looking to expand in earnest here in New York State, having an option to set the default due date to the NYS SLA required one would be amazing. In New York State, the due date for some accounts (mostly on-premise accounts–beverage centers and other forms of liquor manufacturing are exempt) are dictated by the delivery date.

Here is an example:

Essentially, all invoices between dates X and Y will all share the same due date, so there is no simple X days after invoice that works.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Ben. I’m surprised that this hasn’t been mentioned before!

This shouldn’t be too difficult to handle on our side, so we’ll see what we can do for you :+1:

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You’d make my year! It does change slightly each year and they release a calendar in November or December for the upcoming year. It’s frustrating because the due dates change slightly with national holidays and everything so keeping on top of it is a pain.

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That’s great to hear!

Can I clarify that; if an invoice date is between the dates in the first two columns, the “payment due date” in Breww should be the date in the next column? And the Delinquent Notice Date and Notification Date columns don’t apply to any dates in Breww?

If at all possible, it would be great if each year when the new dates come out, you could send us a link/reminder just to make certain we don’t miss an update (as we’re not “on the ground” in NY).

That is correct. The delinquency notice date and notification dates are for us on our end. And I can absolutely send along a note each year if it means I don’t have to mess around with due dates on those customers.

Context/informational note: in New York State, any customer offered credit that isn’t an exempt customer type is subject to those due dates. If they don’t settle up by EOD on the “notification date,” they are “posted” to the NYS SLA Delinquency List and all orders from all liquor/wine/beer vendors must be cash on delivery until they pay their outstanding debts to the vendor who posts them. We also have to check to see if anyone is on that list because we’re not allowed to extend credit to anyone who has been posted.

It’s a slightly cumbersome system for the purposes of invoicing, but it is a huge incentive for people to pay their bills!

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Thanks, Ben, that’s such useful information (and we have nothing like this at all in the UK)!

We’ll let you know where we get to :+1:

Great news, Ben - this is now available :tada:

You can choose this as an option on customers & customer groups as well as an account-wide default in SettingsOrder/invoice settings.

Please can you keep an eye on the results and make sure that you’re happy that it’s working as expected and let us know if any questions?

Please can you also send through the updated dates for 2024 (and beyond) when you hear about them so we can ensure all is working as it should be on for future dates too?

Cheers :+1:

Luke, you’re officially my favorite person. Thank you SO much.


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