New to Breww - selling a case of beer left over from a previous non-Breww brew

I’ve just moved to Breww and have put my last two batches of beer through Breww from start to finish. But how do you sell a case of a pre-existing beer to a customer without putting the entire thing through Breww? It’s literally just once case but I don’t want to have to input the entire thing as a batch and assign everything.

Hope that makes sense.

If you have the product set up, just do a +1 stock adjustment (from actions on the product screen). Unless it’s already duty paid or something.

Thanks Nick and Jon.
Jon’s suggestion would work if you already have a batch of that beer in Breww, although you would be pretending this product came from a different batch if the exact batch isn’t already in Breww.
Breww needs to know what batch to assign the beer to for traceability, so unless you want to just throw the sale in as a ‘service’ product instead of the actual beer product, you’ll need a batch in Breww to assign it to.

What we suggest is using the Initial packaged beer importer, where Breww will automatically create and complete the batch for you, so you can get already-made products in easily and keep your traceability. You won’t have to mess around with ingredients or anything.

Yes, sorry. Do what Matt says.
A service product wouldn’t do duty, would it?

No it wouldn’t, that would be just if you wanted to do the rest of the stuff for the old cases outside of Breww but still have the sale - probably not worth doing!