New Order - add notes

Hey all,

A few points of frustration at this end when adding notes to new orders. Is it possible to do the following?

  • Show the General Notes of a customer on a new order (similar to new account delivery notes)

  • (more importantly) Show the notes that you add on the order. Where do these go? When you add notes there is zero visibility on the order page? We would like the function to add notes and see them on the same page. (i.e - remember tap badge, deliver to site X, only available Tuesday this week…)

If we have things setup wrong can you point us in the right direction, if not, can this feature be integrated please.

Many thanks,

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been finding this frustrating, but don’t worry, we can help. There’s a few different note options available to you which can be used in different scenarios. I’ll run you through them below.

General comments

We have the customer general notes that you mentioned. These are shown on the customer page (as you mentioned), but they are also shown on the order page in the “Customer overview” section below the payments section. They’re they don’t jump out at you for sure, but can be seen when you need them.

Order notes

Next, we have order notes (which you also mentioned). These are order specific and are shown on the PDF sales order/invoice as well as on the main order screen under the address(es).

Delivery notes

Another option that you could use are delivery notes. These can only be set once the delivery has been scheduled, but can then be managed from either the delivery screen or the order screen and they’re shown on the delivery screen and delivery note PDF (as well as places like the delivery manifest). They’re not shown on the order screen, but we could add them there too if that would be useful for you?

Private alert notes

Finally, another “type” of note that you might find useful is our recently added “Private alert notes”. These are shown on the customer screen, order screen and delivery screen in a “warning” box to make them really obvious. They are set per-customer (not per order) and are useful for important things that you never want to miss. Here’s an example of how they show on an order, but they show in a very similar way in all the places I mentioned

I hope that helps you find a solution that works for you, but if that doesn’t cover it, please do let me know, and we’ll do our best to help you out.