MIxed Pack Building - Disassembly of Assigned products


I am trying to build some mixed-pack products; 2 beers and a glass gift set etc - It’s all going well enough however, when I disassemble the beers from multi-packs to use single cans to build the mixed-packs it always disassembles the oldest gyle of the product even when these products are assigned to deliveries within confirmed orders. (they are assigned to orders picked and built on pallets ready to leave!)

Is there a way to choose a specific multi-pack batch you want to disassemble rather than it always taking on the FIFO basis??

Hopefully, this makes sense. - Any help is greatly appreciated,


Hi Paul, thanks for raising this in the community! If the stock has already been assigned to an order, then stock for another order shouldn’t draw from this already assigned stock. If you have an example where this is not the case, it would be great if you could raise a support ticket and grant us access to your account, and we will be able to investigate this further for you. Currently, the disassembly of stock works on a FIFO basis only, and you can’t currently select a specific multi-pack to disassemble. Hopefully, we can get this added in the future!