Mixed Case Traceability with Barcode Labels


I am struggling to work out how we can use the manual assign method with mixed cases in Breww. The bulk of our eCom orders are mixed cases of 24 kombucha (4 skus) or our soda range (3 skus). We are imminently launching a new range of 3 skus as well as integrating our CBD range to our existing eCom strategy - building a whole new website on Shopify and moving away from Big Commerce.

As we are growing we are trying to move away from packing our eCom orders to order, and instead building up a par level that we can draw down from.

For example for a mixed case of 24 core range kombucha, we would rack single cans over 4 canning runs that are internally allocated for assembly to mixed cases once all 4 runs are completed, and then assemble those into mixed cases all at once to bring us up to our par level. What we would like is to then be able to print out a label that we could stick on the box to scan to assign to the eCom order. As far as I can see there isn’t this functionality in Breww, or I am completely overlooking.

We have a relatively large subscriber base, and our bread and butter is mixed cases and we are likely going to see these cases start consisting of more skus from multiple lines as we move to Shopify and bring all of our product ranges into one website.

In our new facility we are going to be need to be able to prepack these mixed cases to par level rather than to order to improve our efficiency in production and warehousing/fulfillment operations.

I think currently the only way we can have the traceability for mixed cases is with the assembly process coupled with auto-assign. We would like to make the most of the scanning feature and our our fulfillment/traceability manager agrees that this would be the best way to secure our forward traceability for SALSA accred.

Is there any way we can produce box labels with existing Breww functionality? If not would it be a big job to create?


Thanks for the question, Zach.

As I think you’ve already seen, you can manually assemble mixed cases from their components, but then the assignment of these to orders/deliveries is always done for you automatically.

I’m sure we could build an extra feature to allow you to print a barcode label that represents these mixed packs and could be used to ensure the specific mixed pack was assigned to the order. At this stage, I can’t say how big of a task it would be as we’d need to first scope out the work required for this fully.

I’ve moved this to our feature requests area so that this can hopefully gain votes from others and be tracked through to implementation for you :+1: If anyone else would like to be able to assign specific mixed pack cases to deliveries, by using barcode labels, please give this thread a vote with the button in the top-left.