Missing Casks from pubs

Hello Everyone!
Is anyone else having a lot of problems with casks going missing from pubs? We have figured that a lot are picked up by our good friends (sarcasm) Kegwatch! We have tried notifying the pubs not to send them, but they seem to still get there hands on quite a few.

Anyone else having this problems or had any running’s with them that could help us?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, SIBA used to (still do?) supply big orange “DO NOT UPLIFT” stickers. You could try something like that. :grinning: Kegwatch shouldn’t be grabbing anything that the outlet hasn’t asked them to, but obv, mistakes do get made. It’s difficult, but you could try reminding pubs that if they lose a cask (however they’re doing that) they’re liable for costs. (This’ll be in your T&Cs of course). Probably not a good way to retain customers, but if they’re costing you money…

And of course, recover your empties promptly (I’m sure you do that) Make sure that you have your contact details conspicuously marked on the cask. Impress on your customers how promptly you’re going to be responding to requests to clear empties, etc…

If you do later recover casks from KegWatch that are carrying your “DO NOT UPLIFT” stickers, draw their attention to them (you’ll include wording like “anyone uplifting will be liable for the costs of recovery”), and don’t pay for their “service” (or pay the ransom, but invoice them).

Good luck.