Membership Rewards

Hi Breww,

At Kaapse Brouwers We have a ‘Kaapse Club’ for our steady ordering customers. So if they have ordered 10 kegs of beer (over time) they will get one for free.

I was looking into the ‘customer memberships’ but it seems I can’t really find an answer (yet).

So my question is: is it possible to automatically log this in Breww based on (amounts of) fulfilled orders? So as a rewards system basically.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting this on the community! This is not currently possible in Breww; however, there is a feature request open for One frees - cumulative retros (e.g. get one free for every 10 purchased) which I think to cover what you are looking for. Please check out that request, add your vote to help move this up the list and add any comments on how you would like this to work, which our dev team will review when they come to building this feature.

Let us know if you have any questions!