Long Term Rental kegs with barcodes


We just rented some stainless kegs for 6 months. They have been provided with their own QR?Barcodes already stuck to them.

Is it possible to import these codes into brew? Or will I need to print Breww barcodes?


Hi Tim, thanks for raising this in the community! Usually, we recommend setting up rental kegs as non-returnables; however, If you need to track these specific containers and the container already has a compatible permanent QR barcode, then you may be able to set these up as tracked containers. I recommend first testing the compatibility of a single container by entering the QR code from the existing label on the container into Breww as the container code when adding a new container with a custom code. You can add a container with a custom code by heading to Containers → Add → Add new container and scrolling down to add a single container with a custom code.

If the code is not stated on the label and you can only see the QR, there are free third-party QR code reader apps available on most smartphones that you could use to identify the code.

Once this container is in Breww, you will then be able to attempt to rack or move this container by scanning the QR code in the Breww app. If this barcode is successfully read, you can import the remaining containers via the Containers importer, which you find by heading to Settings → Data imports and updates. When your rental of these kegs is up, you could then delete the containers in Breww.

Let us know if you need any more support at all!

Hi Connor,

Thanks for your response, I’ve just started to look at this. Unfortunately the codes seem to be too long for Breww to accept. This an example code: SOOFUT-L-EURO-30-2022-0531

Is there any workaround for this? Or will I need to essentially set them up as ‘my own’ kegs and print our own QR labels?


Hi Tim,

Yes, our codes are capped at 15 characters. That might sound like an easy fix, but speaking with our developers, it is unfortunately not as simple as just raising the character cap, so I am afraid there is no workaround for this, and you will need to set them up as your own kegs in Breww and relabel them with new Breww-generated labels.

If you do have any other questions, though, please let us know.

Hey Connor,

Yep thanks managed to get it all sorted, thanks!

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Hey Connor,

Having a weird one, can’t print 1 label for 1 container even though it’s in the system:

Any ideas?

Hi Tim, thanks for your comment! Would it be okay if you raised a support ticket for this, please, as well as grant us access to your account? We will then be able to have a closer look at this for you! Cheers!