Lock a sale/reservation

Is it maybe possible to add a manual lock option on some orders/reservations that are not meant to be dispatched untill a later date?

This because mistakes are easily made (I just accidentally put an order through that was not supposed to got through untill may)

Thanks for the suggestion. Would it work to instead set the delivery date to the date in the future? Was this one done by accident as it was set to an earlier delivery date?

We set the delivery date in the future - but this is very easily overruled in an oversight when completing an order.

Context: We have a couple of “dummy” accounts for reserved stock for festivals, pub and webshop and so I have multiple drafts open for the same account, which are not consecutive so it is not always super clear which one is active. In a moment of oversight I knocked out the wrong one (which wasn’t labeled properly on our end - but this had to do that it was a quick reservation that wasn’t finalised that).

So this is definitely a product of hectic brewerylife, but this does happen sometime. a hard lock would really secure this.