Line.notes on delivery note?

Should line.notes (using the default templates) show up on delivery notes? I mean, are they supposed to? I had a look at the template and it seems like they should. But they don’t seem to be doing so.

Thanks for the message. I must admit that these notes were only intended for use on invoices originally, but if you’d like these to show on delivery notes too, I’m sure we can tweak this to make it possible?

I can see why this would look like they should be showing on delivery notes too, from how it’s laid-out in the template editing tool.

We carry some (a few) guest beers, and to save mucking about they’re in stock as “BreweryX Guest” rather than maintain a changing list of specials etc from a number of suppliers. Our sales “team” find it convenient to specify which of the “BreweryX” beers they’re talking about by adding a line note. Unfortunately, this isn’t obvious to our dispatch “team” unless we print out the order. (and the manifest and the delivery note)

So yes, the delivery template should have its variables populated. Or whatever the issue is. Given that the field’s there (in the template), but doesn’t have the value, a certain amount of surprise results.

Thanks Jon, we’ll see what we can do on this and get back to you.

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Good news! This variable is now being populated, so order line notes will be showing on delivery notes from now on :+1:

That’s smashing. Thanks all.



If I have 5x Product A without an order line and 5xproduct A with an order line note (e.g. a specific account for this part of the order) it shows up on the deliver as 10x Product A with the order line - making the delivery note incorrect and confusing. is there a way to solve this?

Hi Gijs,

There is not really a way to change this, as this is done by design. The delivery note consolidates all products being delivered in which duplicate products and their line notes are merged to show a summary of the delivery.