Leads list filter won't load

I have created lists of leads that are located in specific cities, and would like to create a list of leads that are NOT located in these cities. However, when I try to load the leads with this filter:

Breww seems to crash. It seems there is a maximum of 3 filter criteria before it gets thrown out. Is there a workaround for this?

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Sorry you’ve been having an issue! Please could you let me know what exactly you mean by “Breww seems to crash”? Are you getting an error message? You should be able to many more than 3 filters.

Alternatively, if you want to check a field against multiple options, you can use the “in” keyword, and make it negative using “not”.

For example:
address_city not in ("Arnhem", "Amersfoort", "Amsterdam", "Eindhoven", "Nijmegen", "Utrecht")

Hey Matt, thanks for your quick response! Indeed, I get an error message:

The alternative you offered seems to work - thanks!

Hey Matt, at first it seemed like your suggestion worked, but when I tried reloading the list I made using it, I get no results:

It looks like you also have a quick-search for “None” on the right-hand side. If you remove that, does it resolve it?

Oh man, I feel dumb now :sweat_smile: Yes, thank you!

No problem at all!