Label stock/contract (expand hop contracts to work for all stock items, not just hops)

We currently have hop contracts under inventory but is it possible to have other types of contract here as well. For instance we have our labels printed in large batches but our printers will then hold them for up to 12 months and let us draw them down as we need. It would be great if we could put these into the same format as hop contracts so we can see what we have left in stock at the printers. I’m sure there might well be other items like this

Hi John,

Thanks for the suggestion here.
We’ll look to try and fit this in soon, as most of the work for this is already covered for hop contracts.
I’ll keep you updated.


Sorry to necropost this thread, I’ve just found it & given it a vote - we would appreciate expansion of material contracts also for things such as grain, packaging.etc.
Many thanks!

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Thanks, Steve, we’ll see what we can do :+1:

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For our boxes and labels we order 3 months in advance and then call off when needed. It would be handy to have a part in breww, similar to the hop contracts, which keeps tracks of these stock levels off site.

Thanks Justin, I’ve merged your post with an existing thread for the same idea. If you can give this one a vote, that would be great :+1: