Is there a setting to stop Breww generating a "completed task" activity

Our customer activies are filling up with automatic “completed task” entries plus the activity showing the conversation details, is there a setting to stop the Breww Task Completed entry please? The useful details are in the activity generated by the staff member. We’re finding scrolling through customer activity history frustrating as they have so many entries which don’t contain the useful info that we’re looking for. Possibly a simple setting that I haven’t found yet? Obviously we want to see the content of the completed task but not to notice that the task has been completed - does that make sense? Many thanks.

This makes complete sense and we agree that it is unnecessary clutter. Fortunately, this is a simple change our side to combine these into one entry, so we have done that for you now. The change will go live later today.
We hope this helps!

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Hi again Matt, maybe because this is WIP I’ve noticed that the last couple of tasks I completed don’t include the content or detail that I’d recorded in the completing of the task which is the important bit that we need.

Yes sorry, there was a display issue at first, but this should be back to normal now for you?
Let me know if you still have any issues.

Hi Matt, just completed a task and luckily copied the text I had entered so was able to paste in an activity as what was generated by completing the task wasn’t correct and included info from a previous task that’s no longer showing.

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for letting us know, we are looking into this urgently for you now.

Thank you Matt, an example is Waitrose Jesmond which seems to have the details of previous task rolled into today’s which could be very confusing when reviewing this in the future particularly if a customer query crops up and we rely on this type of info to resolve matters.

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Thanks Jenny, we’ve stopped this happening now. There will be some activity notes displayed against the wrong task, and we are just now working on this to ensure they are displaying against the correct task. You don’t need to worry about trying to correct anything that looks wrong now, as it will be correct for you when we fix the display issue.

Fantastic, thank you!

Sorry, this took us longer than hoped to get to, but everything should look normal now!
Let me know if anything still looks amiss. Apologies again for the issue here!