Invoices come from brewery rather than "Breww"

Is there a way to do a domain authentication, similar to the way our webstore works, or even just some sort of integration so when the invoices get sent direct from Breww that it says it comes from the brewery instead? We have had a number of customers saying they dont get invoices cause they either go into junk or they dont notice it cause it says its from Breww.

Alot of us have been asking for a while for this. The thread is here Personalise email origin address (send emails from your own email addresses)
Can you add your vote to it please as its causing us a real issue with customers.

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Thanks, Justin & John. I’m closing this thread as it’s covered by the one that John has linked to. If anyone else is looking for this, please vote for the other thread instead. I can confirm that this is very much on the radar, but votes would still be appreciated. Cheers :+1: