Invoice Reminder Exclusions

I definitely like the invoice reminder function coming straight from Breww with the relevant invoice attached, and it is more useful now you can exclude DD paying customers but is there a way (have I missed it) to exclude specific customers from this feature as there are certain customers who would not take the reminders well so I’d like to be able to switch this feature on and off at a customer level. Is that possible?

It’s not possible to exclude customers currently, but I can see that this would be useful. I’ll move your post to the feature requests section so we can track it there and others can vote for this functionality.

It would be possible to do this by deleting the customer’s email address, but this isn’t really a good solution. It’s also worth noting that we don’t send these reminders to SIBA orders.


At the very least this should respect “Automatically email invoices to this group’s customers?” So that if I don’t want invoices sent automatically, it’s a good bet I don’t want reminders either.

Have just had to cringingly apologise to East West ('spoons), not a thing I enjoy doing.

You’re totally right, Jon, this setting should have been respected. I’m really sorry this meant you had a difficult call to make.

We’ve made an urgent update to have the invoice reminders respect this setting on customers/customer groups, so this shouldn’t ever be an issue again. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies again for the hassle this caused you.

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Can we delete the customer invoice reminder??

@josh-wood yes, you should be able to delete reminders with the red button with a “bin” icon on it. This one:


@luke could the “Automatically email invoices to this “group’s” customers” be added to customer type perhaps?