Invoice Date Default

Hey Guys,

is it possible to set the invoice date to default to the delivery date please? We’re just starting to integrate with SAGE & we’ve missed a couple due to human error of not changing the invoice date.


Hi Libby,

There is a setting which will automatically set the invoice date as the current date when completing a delivery, which should have the outcome you’re hoping for I think.
If you go to Settings > Order/invoice settings, and tick the ‘Automatically set invoice date to the current date when invoicing an order. This will also update the payment due date accordingly.’ box, that should be what you want. This is when orders are invoiced by Breww automatically when you complete a delivery, and when you invoice them manually.
I’d suggest that, before changing this setting, you check you have marked all physically completed deliveries as complete in Breww, otherwise they might end up with the wrong invoice date.
I hope this helps, but let me know if you need anything further.


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Great thanks - and for the tip on completing deliveries!