Inventory receipts and suppliers now sync to your accountancy provider

Hello everyone!

We’re pleased to announce that you can now upload your inventory receipts from Breww to your accountancy provider. Alongside this Breww will also sync your suppliers, which can be downloaded, mapped or uploaded as well.

By default, for all existing users the feature is switched off. To turn it on you just need to go to Settings > Integrations > Accountancy provider > And tick “Sync inventory receipts”.

When will Breww upload my inventory receipt?
As part of the update, inventory receipts have a new status of “Invoiced by supplier” - which can be set once an inventory receipt has been added to stock. To mark an inventory receipt as “Invoiced”, just click the “Invoiced by supplier” button on the top right of your inventory receipt. Once this has been clicked, you can no longer change the prices on your receipt and Breww will upload it to your accountancy provider!

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 17.43.13

How can I set the relevant account (nominal code) against my receipt?
There are a number of ways you’ll be glad to hear! The first step is to set a default “Expense account” in the settings section of your accountancy sync set-up. In this section you’ll also see the ability to set an account next to each stock item type (i.e. I would like “Ingredients” to map to “Cost of goods sold”), which will be checked first before using the default expense account. The same can be done for each “Additional cost type” that is added to an inventory receipt.

If you would like even more precision, you can also set an accountancy account directly against a stock item via its edit page.

I already have suppliers in my accountancy provider and Breww, what do I do?
No worries! Just use the “Supplier mapping” function on your accountancy sync set-up screen. Choose the supplier in Breww from the list on the right that matches the supplier on the left and click “Sync suppliers”.

We hope you all find this a useful feature, it’s one we’ve been looking to add for a while and are glad to finally get it done for you all!

As ever, let us know what you think!

Max and the Breww team :beers:

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Hi Max. Been waiting for inventory accounting but need to make sure I understand the limitations of what you’ve added. (I’m not an accountant but neither is my accountant a brewer so I need to explain to her what’s happening.)

Normally, I would expect the following double-entry accounting flow for an inventory item of, say, malt:

Malt Received - Debit: Raw Material Inventory / Credit: Accounts Payable
Some malt used in a brew - Debit: WIP Inventory / Credit: Raw Material Inventory
Some beer packaged in bottles - Debit: Finished Goods Inventory / Credit WIP Inventory
Some bottles sold - Debit: Cost of Sales / Credit: Finish Goods Inventory

But I don’t think Breww (yet) supports journaling the intermediate inventory steps. So by the example you suggest I guess the only transaction Breww would currently send to the accounting system is:

Malt Received - Debit: Cost of Goods Sold / Credit: Accounts Payable

And that means if I buy 6 months worth of malt in April, the entire malt cost will be allocated to bottles I sold in April in the monthly report from my accounting system, correct?

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Hi Erik,

Yes that’s right, Breww doesn’t currently interact with Journals in the accounting systems - although it’s certainly something we can take a look at.

As you’ve mentioned, Breww will simply raise a bill from an inventory receipt in your accountancy system and will assign each bill line to the relevant account specified in the settings. This could be an account that interacts with the balance sheet, but then yes, Breww won’t post any further changes to the balance sheet or make any journal entries with regard to moving between WIP → Finished Goods for example.