Integration (WooCommerce) sync inventory

A question - what kind of things trigger sync-ing stock levels to an integration?

For instance, I make a sale through Breww - does this trigger a stock level re-sync to WooCommerce?

Or, I make a stock adjustment in Breww - this doesn’t seem to trigger a sync to WooCommerce - I have to manually fire off the re-sync through the product mapping page. Is this right?

All changes to stock levels, including sales and manual stock adjustments, should trigger a sync to WooCommerce (assuming syncing is enabled for the item). The sync is never totally instant but will usually have occurred within 10-30 seconds of the change being made in Breww. You shouldn’t have to manually request a re-sync ever.

If you have an example where you don’t think the sync occurred, can you please open a support ticket (granting us account access) and let us know the product and time that you made the adjustment and we’ll be able to review the logs on your account & ensure everything is working smoothly.


Ah, thanks for that. Perhaps I was being impatient. Was sitting down with the chap who maintains our website (and the WooCommerce) trying to figure out how we’d oversold. Hoping to rule out unexpected behaviour at the Breww end. So now I can point the finger at WooCommerce.

While we “shouldn’t have to manually request a re-sync ever.” it’s nice that there’s a button that does just that. :slightly_smiling_face:

… thinking about it, it would be excellent if we could see some logging for “integration” events /transactions / whatever. Worth making a feature request.

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