Incidentally invoicing without emailing customer

Occassionally I get festival revenue with a credit invoice of the organisation - as I can’t handle these properly in my accountancy software I book a proper invoice against it - but I don’t want to email these as it is for internal admin only

Is it possible to have an option to not auto-email the invoice when it is generated?

Hi Gijs, this is possible, you can edit the customer detail section to ‘never automatically send’ under ‘Automatically email invoices?*’.

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I want to incidentally not send it without going into the customers account and changing settings - generating the invoice and then changing the settings again.

A “create invoice without email” option or something.

Thanks for the suggestion Gijs. Gemma’s suggestion is the only way to do this right now, but I’m sure we can add this as a feature in the future as it shouldn’t be too complex…

We do in fact already support this behind the scenes as we have an integration with SIBA Beerflex (a UK-based sales platform) and their rules require that customers are never sent invoice emails, so we have a field to handle this which gets toggled automatically on these orders. It’s just not possible for someone to toggle it manually on a per-invoice basis yet. :+1: