Import Historic Sales


Is there a way to import historic sales (aka previous invoices) data from Xero to Breww?

99% of our customers were with us before Breww so their Average Order value and number of orders is off.



Hi Hector, thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to add historical orders to Breww; however, you can log a ‘Pre-Breww average order value’ and ‘Pre-Breww order quantity’ by creating custom fields. You can create a custom field by heading to CustomersCustom fieldsNew custom field. If you then give this a name (e.g. Pre-Breww average order value), a field type of Decimal number and a short description. You will now be able to log this data against a customer by selecting Edit whilst on a customer. If you have already imported your customers into Breww, you can update your customers in bulk by heading to SettingsData imports and updates and selecting Customers and Contacts in the Bulk updater (be sure not to use the importer). Here, you will be able to download a CSV file containing all your customer data, where you will now be able to include the data for your custom fields and upload your updated CSV file. Cheers!