How to quickly bulk/mass delete customers and restore deleted customers

Deleting multiple customers quickly

Breww has a tool to quickly delete customers in bulk which can be found at CustomersSettings & toolsQuick customer delete/restore tool.

If the customer has no related information, such as orders, payments, additional contacts, etc, then Breww will fully delete the customer when you use the delete button.

However, if the customer does have related information, then to preserve traceability Breww will instead “soft-delete” the customer, so they will no longer show in your customer lists but are kept for historical reporting purposes.

This tool can be used for all “entities” in Breww, including suppliers, contract brewers, packagers, etc - not just customers.

Restoring soft-deleted customers

If you would like to restore a “soft-deleted” customer, you can do this by going to the Quick customer delete/restore tool, finding them in the list and using the restore button.

In addition, you can use Breww’s main search bar to find “soft-deleted” customers, just ticking the box to show them.

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