How to generate a specific report?

Hey there for Alcohol Tax reporting purposes I need a raw data report for a calendar month with batch, ABV and total racked/sold within that month, is this possible?

Thanks for getting in touch. Our batch distribution report should give you the information you need which you can find by going to Reporting > Pre-built production & inventory reports > Batch distribution. If you select all batches when generating the report, it will give you everything that you need apart from ABV.

You can then export it to Excel and filter the ‘duty date’ to the calendar month of your choice. If you are only doing this report as a one-off, you could add the ABV to the spreadsheet yourself. I hope that’s helpful but let me know if you need any further assistance.

This is a monthly tax based requirement here in Norway so an easy to run report option would be preferable. I can of course see and use the invoices as well but if there becomes a way to set up the variables mentioned please let me know.