How to edit the current cost price per unit and future pricing of a stock item

To change the price per unit, current quantity and batch of existing stock in Breww, head to Stock items and select the relevant stock item. Under the stock item tab, it will display the current stock and the price per unit, and this can be adjusted by selecting the edit pencil, as well as the current quantity and batch. Doing this will change the price of the existing stock in Breww but won’t amend the PO or IR associated with purchasing this stock, existing batch costings, or the expected price going forward.

To change the price on the stock item for POs and IRs moving forward, you must change this by selecting Suppliers whilst on a stock item. Here, you can edit any expected pricing for this stock item, the VAT rate, minimum order quantities, pack sizes and product codes.

Alternatively, you can also head to Stock itemsSuppliersView suppliers, select a supplier and then Supplied products. This will show all the relevant products associated with that specific supplier, where you can also edit the details for the stock item.

You also can bulk edit prices by a specific amount or percentage on a supplier. This is a great tool if you know your supplier is increasing their prices by 2%, for example. This will also allow you to bulk update the VAT rates for stock items from this supplier.