How to adjust the sales person on a customer

When creating customers in Breww, it gives the option as to whether you would like to assign the customer to a sales person; it could also be seen as the account manager.

There may be occasions where you need to reassign the sales person for a single customer or for multiple customers.

On a single customer

Select Customers and find the customer you want to change the sales person for. This will take you to the overview of the customer’s account. You will see a box with the title Details. Click on the pencil next to Sales person/ account manager, allowing you to reassign this customer to a new sales person.

Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 12.14.09

On multiple customers

If you have an extensive list of customers, changing the sales person on each of them one by one may take some time. Using our bulk update tool, you can change who is assigned to multiple customers. If you head to SettingsData imports and updates, it will give you the option to either bulk import data or bulk update data. For this, we are bulk updating our data, so you must select Customers and contacts from here, not from the bulk import section. Select Download customers and contacts. This will download a CSV file of all your customer and contact details data.

You will see a column within this file with the heading Sales person email. From here, you can copy in and out which user account will be responsible for each customer. After completing this, save the file and press the green Begin update button followed by Upload data from file to find the file to upload. This will reassign all your customers to the correct sales person.

Sales reports by sales person

As well as having a pre-built sales report of sales by sales person, you can also create your own custom reports from our reporting suite to gather sales person data. If any customer accounts do not have a specific sales person set for them, the sale will be assigned to the user who created the order. If the customer on an order is changed, then this will also be updated.