How do I reconcile payments created in Breww via the Stripe integration in my accountancy provider?

If Stripe is integrated with your accountancy provider

Users who have enabled Breww’s Stripe integration often have Stripe integrated with their accountancy provider (Xero, Quickbooks, Sage Accounting etc.) to take advantage of some of the features of Stripe’s accountancy integrations.

However, this can lead to Breww and Stripe creating the same payment in your accountancy provider in two different ways, making payment reconciliation tricky. Breww will upload the invoice and also the payment, whilst Stripe will create bank transactions ready to be reconciled against the invoice. This can mean you end up with an unreconciled bank transaction that can’t be reconciled, as the invoice has already been marked as paid by Breww.

If you’d like to keep Stripe integrated with your accountancy provider, we recommend configuring Breww not to upload your Stripe integration payments and instead letting Stripe import them. This way, Breww will upload just the invoice to your accountancy provider, and you can easily reconcile the bank transaction created by Stripe with the invoice uploaded by Breww.

You can configure Breww to do this by going to IntegrationsPaymentsStripe → Edit icon in the “General configuration” section → Uncheck the “Upload payments to accountancy provider” option.

If Stripe isn’t integrated with your accountancy provider

In this case, we recommend enabling the “Upload payments to accountancy provider” option and letting Breww upload the payments taken through Stripe to your accountancy provider.

Then to reconcile the Stripe fees, you can simply upload Stripe’s monthly invoice and allocate it to the correct account/nominal code.

Hi Max, i’m hoping for a little more help/clarification on this please.

We use Stripe for paid via BREWW and via Squarespace

Both are uploaded into Xero as paid. However,

Stripe pays out daily, the payments for both BREWW and Squarespace come into Xero minus the fees and un-reconciled with no reference. leaving us with the daily task of having to find the (paid) order and allocate it. Do you have any suggestions on how to cut out the need to reconcile every payment from Stripe in Xero?

Hi Thomas - of course, happy to help clarify!

It sounds like your Stripe account might be integrated slightly differently from how I’d expect. The integration between Stripe and Xero that I’m familiar with is the one described in Xero’s guide here.

Basically, Stripe is created as a bank account in Xero, and for every payment taken via Stripe, two bank transactions are created within Xero to be reconciled. One is the actual payment amount (e.g. £100 payment for an invoice), and the other is the fees for that payment (e.g. £2.00 Stripe fees). The fees can then easily be reconciled with a Xero bank rule, while the main payment is usually automatically matched up to an invoice by Xero ready to be confirmed (because it’s the full invoice amount and not the invoice amount minus fees). The “Payout” from Stripe can then simply be reconciled as a “Transfer” between bank accounts, your Stripe bank account to your Main account. Xero also has a guide on how it works here.

This is why the guide above recommends switching off Stripe payments being uploaded from Breww to Xero if Stripe and Xero are integrated, as it’s easier to reconcile unpaid invoices in Xero than paid invoices. You can also switch off Breww uploading your Squarespace payments from Breww to Xero too, by going to IntegrationsEcommerce & POSSquarespace → Set Would you like imported payments to be uploaded to your accountancy provider? to No.

This integration method works well, as it means that you’re not trying to reconcile payments less fees to a collection of invoices and then allocating the remainder to a fees account - as identifying which invoices form part of which payout can be tricky and time-consuming.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if I’ve misunderstood and this is actually the way your Stripe and Xero accounts are already integrated!