How do I get stripe fees included on Woo Commerce Integration

I’ve set up the Woo Commerce Integration and have my web shop orders coming through into Breww as an order which in turn sends that order through to Xero. That part all works great, however, Breww does not seem to be aware of the Stripe fee that will be charged on the order (Stripe is the payment service that I’m using with Woo Commerce). When I look at the order in Woo Commerce I can see that the stripe fees are deducted whereas what seems to get pushed through to Breww is the total amount before those fees are deducted. I’ve tested placing orders on the web she with and without the “Yes, upload imported payments into my accountancy provider” box checked and the Stripe fees don’t seem to be coming through to Breww in either case. This impact of this is that ultimately when a payment comes in from stripe for that transaction I can’t reconcile it with the invoice that Breww has pushed into Xero as the amounts don’t match. Any advice?

Thanks for raising this in our community Ralph. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have the price that has been paid by the customer, minus the Stripe transaction fee, pushed to Breww. Even though Stipe has charged for the transaction, the amount paid and the order value remain the same for both the customer and Breww. Therefore, Breww receives the correct amount for the order for a specific customer. If the fee had been deducted, then the order would be considered by Breww as Part-paid.

However, there are a couple of methods that I would suggest to handle this. You could continue as you are but with the addition of also manually assigning invoices raised by Stripe to Xero to reconcile the amount that has been charged to you by Stripe.

Alternatively, what some of our other customers have done is change their Breww WooCommerce settings by heading to your WooCommerce integration and unchecking the box, Would you like imported payments to be uploaded to your accountancy provider? , to No .

This will stop all payments from being uploaded to Xero. Instead, you can enable an integration outside of Breww between Stripe and Xero, meaning payments will now be uploaded directly from Stripe rather than WooCommerce. Breww will continue recognising that orders have come in and have been paid and will still upload invoices, but it will stop pushing payments to Xero, and Stripe will move the amount paid to Xero instead. I hope this helps answer your question, but if you need more clarification, talking this through with your accountant may help guide you to which option is best for you.