How do I destroy beer, or mark it as spoiled/lost? How does this work with duty returns?

For products, such as a keg or bottle, go to the product’s page, then Actions > Stock adjustment > Reduce stock. You can see a record of this in Beer duty > Lost & spoiled records.

If the beer is in a vessel, go to Production > Actions > Empty vessel to destroy all the beer in a vessel. A record of this will be shown on the batch itself, in the Actions tab.

Duty is payable when beer is delivered, not on production or invoicing, so here’s are some examples showing how the duty will be handled:

  • If the beer was delivered, and subsequently marked as lost/spoiled - it will show instantly on your return.
  • If the beer hasn’t been delivered, but is marked as lost/spoiled - duty has not been paid yet, so no reclaim is necessary.
  • When a beer product is delivered, duty will be added to your duty return. If the product is subsequently returned, no duty reclaim will be created at this point (as per HMRC’s rules). Breww will, however, record that duty has already been paid on this product and will ensure that you don’t pay twice.
    • If this returned product is lost/spoiled, a duty reclaim will be automatically generated at this point.
    • If this returned product is resold and delivered to another customer, it will not be added to your duty payable amount again, as Breww knows the duty was paid when it was first delivered to a customer.