HMRC duty return form issue

Hi, just trying to do our beer duty return, and basically we have 11 different ‘beers’ (as per the ‘duty breakdown’ on BREWW). Obviously I need to put them all into the HMRC duty return form but as far as I can see it only allows you to submit 10? How am I meant to submit the 11th beer if the website physically doesn’t allow you to add more than 10? I’m currently on hold with HRMC to try and get an answer but wondered if anyone on here has been through the same thing or if anyone from the BREWW team can advise?

Thanks in advance

Hi James, thanks for reaching out. I’ve had a look at this for you, and we had a similar question asked in the community that you may find helpful: Beer duty extra band created . To add another rate within the same tax code, you need to click “Add another beer set” (we think “Add another rate” would have been clearer here!), so this represents adding another rate rather than a specific beer. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

Cheers Ben! Will have a look at that