Have an 'either/or' process for CIPs and maintenance

The cleaning programmes will request you do a CIP after so many uses or after so much time. I think it would be great if it would allow you to do both e.g. clean your brew kit every month or every 10 brews whichever comes first.

This idea would be very useful. as an example our canning machine requires maintenance every X cans seamed or after X time, whichever comes first. This example would also require a some sort of usage based counter based on cans racked, but its the first example that comes to mind.
We can check this on the machine (and have a time based task already set up), but a prompt when you are in the ballpark would definitely be handy for pre-emptive maintenance.

A better example I guess would be the air compressor that drives our canning machine, we can’t have two schedules set for this, so we have one time-based, but being able to set a usage based schedule alongside this would also be handy (e.g. we tie this to racking, and make a calculation on average run time/service time), giving us a time &/or usage based preventative maintenance schedule.

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