Go to active batch when clicking on brewing system on Production overview

Hi Breww heroes, on brewing day after starting my batch the brewing system on the Production overview shows that it is currently filled with the batch I started. However, there is no way to navigate directly to that active batch from the Production page. Clicking the brewing system takes me to a vessel management page with no reference to the batch. As I’m also working on other things while I’m brewing, I notice I’m navigating back and forth from the batch schedule 5-10 times per brew day to find my current batch so I can “Manage brewing” and fill out measurements/progress. Would be handy to be able to go there straight from the Production page. Maybe it could be through a popup like you do with fermentation vessels, where for brewing systems the options are: “Manage brewing” (if there is an active batch brewing), “View batch” and “Manage vessel”.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!


We have this on our dashboard, it goes straight to the turns/batches page where we fill out all our measurements

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Hey Will,

Ah, good one! We have quite a lot of barrels in our vessel list so haven’t bothered looking down for a button. Thanks for pointing me to it.

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No worries! It does feel like perhaps being able to customize the main screen as in what order everything appears as you scroll down, would be a good idea. Maybe ill raise that… Cheers!

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Good news, this was a small tweak, so it’s been done now :tada: Thanks for the great suggestion.

You’ll now be taken to the batch in progress (if there’s just one batch in the brewing system at the time).

We hope this is useful :smile:

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