Filtering/Reporting by Beer Style

Would it be possible to add support for the Products by Category to support ‘Beer Style’ - this would be handy for our sales when asked questions such as ‘what sours do you have in stock?’

It would also be handy if we could run reports using the Beer Style as a metric - e.g. Current stock of Containers by Style (6 x 30L Keg IPA, 3 x Firkin Stout .etc) - this would help with a more general production plan & help us see if there are styles that may need more sales support (Sales by Style report .etc)
Thanks in advance.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the suggestions here.
This should be possible, the only complication is when a product has multiple styles (mixed packs), but I’m sure we’ll find a working solution. I’ll let you know when this is done for you.


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