Export Customers - Price list additions

When generating price lists for export customers it would be useful if the BBE and the plato’s of each beer were listed in the generated report.

Our export customers always ask for this information and currently we are manually adding the informaton into the report after it has been generated.


Thanks for putting this forward, Robert.

You should be able to include the Plato value on the price list already by changing your price list settings (there’s a button in the top-right of the price list page).

We’re also just putting the finishing touches on the latest update from Price list improvements - #38 by lewis-hill and this update already includes the ability to show the BBE, so that should be possible shortly too! I’ll follow up with you here when that update is live :+1:


Great news, these price list changes are now live and should cover what’s been requested here :tada:

We hope this is useful! You can find the launch announcement at:

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